Mrs Sarah MacDonald


Even though people would say to me that I had a nice smile – my front teeth are straight and I have had them whitened in the past – I was actually really unhappy with my smile. This was mainly due to four gaps (two on each side) which I felt really showed when I smiled. In fact, every time I looked at a photo of myself – be it my wedding photographs or social media snaps – all I could see were these gaps. This was a throwback to when I was 14 years old, when I had four teeth removed. I was supposed to have orthodontic treatment, but unfortunately this never happened.

For some time I had been thinking about trying to get these gaps closed over, and wondered if I might need to have traditional braces to do this. However, through the media and lifestyle magazines, I had heard of “invisible braces” and this captured my imagination.

I decided to approach Vermilion – The Smile Experts, a dental clinic based in Corstorphine, not far from where I live. My aim was to find and discuss whether I could have the smile that I had always dreamed of… the first step towards my exciting new journey!

I was very impressed with my first visit to the clinic. I was welcomed warmly by the reception team and asked to take a seat in their very stylish waiting room. Their red sofa is amazing and I immediately felt at ease and in the right place!
Once I started my orthodontic treatment, the one thing I couldn’t believe is you couldn’t tell I was wearing a brace – it truly was invisible! No one ever asked if I was wearing a brace.

Now that I have finished treatment, the results definitely match my expectations. I am much more confident smiling and I’m really pleased with how everything has turned out. To read Sarah’s full story click here.

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Mrs M. Williamson

“Since treatment, I have no worries about eating anything especially my beloved nuts. It was a considerable investment, however great rewards – my smile was back with confidence.”

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Mrs B. Grieve

“My experience with Vermilion was, quite literally, life changing. I always used to try not to open my lips too wide when I spoke to people and often covered my mouth. Since my course of treatments, my partner has noticed a massive improvement in my confidence, both at work and at home. He says he has never known me to look so happy and smile so much. ”

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Ms P. Munter

“My experience was brilliant, the specialists have been very friendly, accessible and informative. Their “bedside manner” is exemplary. My dental hygiene has improved, largely thanks to Debbie McKenzie, the hygienist at Vermilion.”

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