At Vermilion, we offer two main choices of All-on-4 treatment: a full arch fixed on a minimum of four implants or a full arch removable bridge on four implants.

Although some patients may prefer a fixed bridge there may be times where we would recommend a removable bridge. For example, if a patient has a history of aggressive gum disease. This option also makes it easier for your dentist to check during your routine dental appointments.

All-on-4 Journey

If you are referred to us because of failing or terminal dentition, and you are interested in All-on-4 treatment, your journey will follow these four phases:

1. Consultation Phase:

During the consultation phase, you will meet with our prosthodontist and oral surgeon for an initial assessment that includes a 3D analysis of your teeth and bone, taken with our Cone Beam CT scanner.

2. Surgical Phase:

As this procedure takes just one day, we would recommend that the surgical phase of treatment is carried out under conscious sedation. At Vermilion, we have three trusted anaesthetists, who are able to issue midazolam, propofol and alfentanil to facilitate All-on-4 implant surgery.

During surgery, our oral surgeon will remove the failing teeth and immediately place a minimum of four implants while you are sedated. Shortly after surgery, our prosthodontist will fit you with an interim (provisional) prosthesis, pre-fabricated by the laboratory technician, which can be either a fixed or removable bridge.

3. Restorative Phase:

The construction of the definitive implant retained prosthesis will begin after a healing period of four to six months following the surgical phase of your All-on-4 journey.

The provision of a definitive prosthesis typically requires six appointments over a three-to-four-month period. This involves detailed implant impressions followed by a trial of the teeth to verify your bite and ensure that you are happy with the appearance of your new teeth.

Your final implant retained prosthesis is a very strong and hygienic design that involves techniques at the cutting edge of dental technology. It is designed by dental technicians using cutting edge dental technology, such as CAD-CAM design, 3D printing and precision milling.

On the day of fit, your interim prosthesis is replaced with your final new smile which is guaranteed for 12 months from this day.

4: Maintenance Phase and Vermilion’s Implant Maintenance Plan (VIMP)

Once your treatment is complete, our referral coordinator will contact you to arrange your review appointment with our implant maintenance team. This appointment will take place in 12 months’ time from your first review appointment.

During this phone call, our referral coordinator will also outline Vermilion’s Implant Maintenance Plan or VIMP. For more on our maintenance plan, click here.


  • Four implants to retain an upper or lower fixed bridge “All-on-4”: From £18,400

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Conscious Sedation

We are committed to ensuring that your treatment is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We offer sedation for nervous or anxious patients.

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