How it works
Within six weeks of your new dental implants being fitted, you must return for a completion review appointment to ensure that you are caring for your implants correctly, and that you are not experiencing any problems.

During this review, if we are pleased with how things are progressing, you will be automatically enrolled on to the manufacturer’s guarantee for one year from this date. On completion of this year, you will be invited to return to the clinic for the first of your annual reviews, it is at this appointment that you will be invited to join VIMP.

VIMP covers any treatment necessary to maintain the ongoing health of your dental implant, including:

  • Annual reviews
  • Radiographs
  • Clinical photos
  • Breakages and maintenance
  • Dental hygiene checks
  • Professional cleaning
  • Laboratory remakes

Monthly fee
We want to ensure that the maintenance and cost of your dental implant does not impact you or your lifestyle. With VIMP there are no hidden costs, no surprises. Paid monthly, VIMP gives you peace of mind that when you return to Vermilion for your annual reviews, dental hygiene treatment or fixes, the cost is already taken care of.  Our fees are listed in the table below.

Treatments with a * include two hygienist appointments per year
CoverMonthly Fee
One tooth£12.50
Two teeth£17.50
Three-four teeth£25
Five-six teeth£30
Seven - nine teeth£40
*Implant retained lower denture with two - three implants£50
*Single full arch bridge on implants£60
*Both upper and lower full arch bridges on implants £80
*Smoker with full arch bridge on implants £100
*Smoker with both upper and lower full arch bridges on implants£120

Pay as you go
If you do not feel that VIMP is the right option for you, we offer a “pay as you go” option whereby you pay for each annual review and hygiene appointment to ensure that your dental implants are problem free and that you are caring for them correctly.

The fees for these appointments are between £160 – £310 depending on how many implant teeth you have. However, if you have taken out VIMP, the cost of these appointments will be covered by the plan.

Learn more about VIMP and your options by emailing or call 0131 334 1802 to speak to a member of our team

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