Vermilion – The Smile Experts is a private specialist referral practice established in 2011 in Edinburgh and in 2018 in Kelso.

We receive referrals from general dental practitioners for advanced dental treatments such as dental implants, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery and prosthodontics.

Expert dental treatment in Edinburgh

Our team of industry-leading expert clinicians, dental nurses and administration staff are committed to providing the highest standards of patient care in a relaxing and welcoming environment. Our surgeries are welcoming, spacious and calm and are fully equipped with the latest in dental technology. We aim to always offer the highest standard of service to our patients and RDPs across Edinburgh and Kelso.

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Personal Attention

At Vermilion’s dental practice, we understand that visiting the dentist can be daunting. That’s why, as soon as you arrive, our friendly team extends a warm welcome and takes the time to understand your needs and preferences.

We believe that when you are well informed about your dental health, you feel more confident and relaxed. Our team is skilled at helping nervous patients feel at ease, explaining everything clearly to make sure you are comfortable throughout your visit.

Holistic Care

Your oral health is integral to your overall well-being. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools to not just get well, but to stay well. By working together with our dedicated team, we strive to ensure that you leave Vermilion with a healthy smile that lasts.

Industry-Leading Dental Practice

We are proud to have maintained our ‘Good Practice Accreditation’ from the British Dental Association since 2016. We are also delighted to have been recognised as ‘Referral Practice of the Year North’ and for ‘Best Patient Care Scotland and Northern Ireland’ at the Private Dentistry Awards 2022. These are a representation of our ongoing commitment to working to the best standards for our patients and staff members.

Our Comprehensive Range of Dental Services

Dental Implants

Tooth loss can be distressing, but dental implants offer an excellent long-term and secure solution. They look, feel and function like natural teeth, making them a great alternative to dentures or bridges. If you have loose dentures, implants can also help stabilise them.

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Dental Hygiene

Professional dental hygiene treatment removes plaque buildup and includes professional mechanical plaque removal. Our professional dental hygienists also take the time to educate patients on proper oral hygiene practices, empowering you to maintain your healthy mouth between visits.

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Restorative Dentistry

At Vermilion, our Prosthodontist specialises in restorative dentistry, encompassing the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation, and maintenance of oral function. Using devices like crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures, they restore missing teeth and oral structures, helping you regain your smile and confidence.

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Aesthetic Dentistry

Our experienced team offers a range of cosmetic treatments, including teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, and teeth straightening. From minor enhancements to complete smile makeovers, we can help boost your confidence.


Periodontology focuses on maintaining the health of gum and bone tissues surrounding teeth and implants. Regular dental check-ups aid in early detection and treatment of periodontal and peri-implant diseases. Your dentist may suggest professional gum cleaning and oral hygiene practices. For specialised intervention beyond general practice, your dentist may refer you to Vermilion – The Smile Experts for further treatment.

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Oral Surgery

Our oral surgeons handle oral surgery procedures and difficult extractions, such as impacted wisdom teeth or implants. Providing services like guided tissue regeneration and sinus grafts, our surgeons are equipped with the skills to bring your smile to life.

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Endodontics (Root Canal)

Root canal therapy is performed to save a tooth from extraction. Usually patients present mild toothache, and our expert clinicians are able to render them pain free in one or two visits. Our goal is always to preserve your smile and function.

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All-on-4 is a long-lasting solution for replacing missing or failing teeth with a full dental implant set in one day. Whether you are considering traditional implants or dentures, All-on-4 offers a long-lasting alternative that transforms your smile instantly.

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Orthodontic treatment, also known as teeth straightening, is the key to correcting crooked teeth, gaps and common issues like overjet or deep bite. At our dental surgery, we offer a range of options, from traditional fixed braces to discreet clear aligners like Invisalign, tailored to suit your unique needs.

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Common Questions & Answers

Booking an appointment at Vermilion’s dental practice is easy. You can schedule a visit by contacting our reception team via phone or email. Alternatively, you can request an appointment through our website by filling out our contact form.

To prepare for your dental visit at Vermilion, make sure to gather your insurance information (if applicable), bring any relevant medical history and jot down any questions or concerns you have about your dental health. Additionally, maintaining proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing before your appointment is courteous and beneficial.

A clean mouth enables your dentist to conduct a thorough examination and minimises discomfort during your check-up. Lastly, arriving a few minutes early allows you to complete any necessary paperwork without feeling rushed.

During your initial appointment to Vermilion’s dental practice, you will undergo a comprehensive dental examination, including a review of your medical history, dental X-rays (if necessary) and a discussion with our dentists about your oral health concerns and treatment options. Our goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable and informed throughout your visit.

Vermilion – The Smile Experts is unusual as a dental clinic as we have no regular patients of our own. All patients are referred by their general dental practitioner (GDP).

Therefore, if you are registered with a dentist and experience a dental emergency, you must first contact them. If, however, your emergency relates to dental work that we are undertaking at Vermilion please call 0131 334 1802 and you will be connected to the on-call Vermilion dentist.

If you do not have a dentist and experience a dental emergency then we can help you during regular office hours subject to diary availability. We can treat your condition, render you dentally fit, and help you to find a general practitioner for your on-going dental care.

At Vermilion’s private practice, we offer multiple payment options to ensure convenience for our patients. These options include debit cards, BACS and dental insurance plans. Please note that we do not accept cash or cheques. For further details regarding payment arrangements, our reception team will be happy to assist you during your visit.

To cancel or reschedule your appointment at Vermilion, please ensure you provide us with at least 48 hours’ notice. Failure to do so may result in a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the appointment fee. For orthodontic patients, a £50 charge will apply for missed appointments.

However, we understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise and we will consider exceptional circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our reception team to discuss any changes to your appointment.

Yes, Vermilion offers sedation dentistry options for patients who experience dental anxiety or require complex dental procedures. Our experienced team can discuss sedation options with you during your consultation to ensure a stress-free experience.

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