Meet Sarah, Vermilion’s Orthodontic Patient

Vermilion’s orthodontics’ patient and busy Mum of two, Sarah MacDonald (33) shares her experience at Vermilion and her decision to seek orthodontic treatment in a blog.

Even though people had said to me that I have a nice smile – my front teeth are straight and I have had them whitened in the past – I was actually really unhappy with it. This was mainly due to four gaps (two on each side) which I felt really showed when I smiled. Every time I looked at a photo of myself – be it my wedding photographs or social media snaps – all I could see were these gaps. This was a throwback to when I was 14 years old, when I had four teeth removed. I was supposed to have orthodontic treatment, but unfortunately this never happened.

For some time I had been thinking about trying to get these gaps closed over, and wondered if I might need to have braces to do this. One thing was clear: I was looking for an alternative to the traditional brace and, through the media and lifestyle magazines, the term “invisible braces” had captured my imagination. I therefore decided to approach Vermilion – The Smile Experts, a dental clinic based in Corstorphine, not far from where I live.

My aim was to fact find and discuss whether I could obtain the smile that I had always dreamed of… the first step towards my exciting new journey!

Read Sarah’s blog in full here.


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