Mrs H. Churchill


Vermilion – The Smile Experts was suggested by my Dentist. I was thinking about having treatment for six months as my bridge which I had for more than 15 years started to break several times.

I have been very happy with the treatment I have received from everyone involved at Vermilion. I now have no more worry that my bridge would break, especially when I was outside of my home.

I would recommend Vermilion on my experience.

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Mrs K. Ralton

“Vermilion have been excellent, extremely supportive and attentive. Since treatment, my confidence level has increased. It was without a doubt a good investment of time and money. If you’re considering treatment, investigate all available options with the consultant so that the correct choices are made.”

Mrs Fiona Freeland
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Mrs B. Grieve

“My experience with Vermilion was, quite literally, life changing. I always used to try not to open my lips too wide when I spoke to people and often covered my mouth. Since my course of treatments, my partner has noticed a massive improvement in my confidence, both at work and at home. He says he has never known me to look so happy and smile so much. ”

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