Mrs B. Grieve


The term “Life Changing” gets bandied about a lot these days. Let me tell you about the life changing experience I had with Vermilion – The Smile Experts.

I was a serving Detective Constable with Lothian and Borders Police at the time of my retirement from ill health in 2012. For a number of years, I struggled with undiagnosed PTSD and, unbeknownst to me, I was also savagely grinding my teeth and my dentist hadn’t noticed.

On two separate occasions my dentist referred me to see a consultant at the Dental Hospital in Edinburgh. Both reached the same conclusion, that my bite was compromised and I required a complete restoration. Both then said that it wouldn’t be done on the NHS due to funding restrictions.

On the very first full day of Covid lockdown my front tooth snapped off at gum level. I was devastated! When lockdown finally lifted, I went to see my NHS Dentist who advised me that he couldn’t save the tooth and so my only option was to go privately. Both my brother and sister-in-law have both had implants at Vermilion so I had no hesitation at being referred.

From my first appointment at Vermilion in September 2020 everyone, from the front counter receptionist to the Nurses, the Hygienist and the Dentists have always done their utmost to make me feel calm and relaxed. All of my questions were answered, some of them several times by very patient people who allowed me to assimilate all the information. All my concerns regarding anxiety symptoms (physical and psychological) were addressed and answered to my complete satisfaction.

The agreed plan meant that the majority of the work would be carried out in one go by Dr Steve Siovas and Dr Martin Morley, who would work on me during the same appointment using conscious sedation.

I experienced very little pain, and everything from then on worked so smoothly. As soon as we were sure my mouth would accept the implant in April 2020 we went ahead with fitting the crowns. Steve wasn’t happy with the fit of one of the crowns so that was sent back for alternation. As soon as it came back it fit like a glove and my smile was back.

I always used to try not to open my lips too wide when I spoke to people and often covered my mouth. I felt pretty ugly and unattractive and I hated having to go to the public counter to speak to people. I run my own business and, as the face of the company, social media marketing was very difficult to contemplate as people wanted to see me smile!

Since my course of treatments, my partner has noticed a massive improvement in my confidence, both at work and at home. He says he has never known me to look so happy and smile so much. All my friends have commented too, saying my smile is back and the whole shape of my face has changed, making me look younger.

Although this was an expensive operation (more like a military operation with such attention to detail, logistics etc) it was worth every penny. If it had cost twice the amount it would still be amazing value for money. In fact, you cannot put a price on the impact this has had on me. For anyone who is considering this type of treatment…stop thinking and start doing. There are numerous financial options available and if I could go back 10 years and start my treatment I would!

My experience with Vermillion was, quite literally, life changing. If you want the best treatment, care and after care then there is no other choice than Vermilion – The Smile Experts. I’m smiling as I write this.

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“My treatment to date has been very professional and all of the staff involved have been supportive, helpful, and thoughtful during the process. From the moment my treatment commenced I knew I was in good hands due to their professionalism and dedication in supporting their patients and I will miss the staff once my treatment is completed.”

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