Covid-19 Letter to Government

“Dear Sir/Madam,

We are writing to you as we all try to manage the unprecedented crisis caused by Covid-19 and the
cessation of all face to face dentistry, as per advice from CDO Scotland on Monday 23rd March.

As independent practices and practitioners we are seeking some level of financial support which will allow
us to survive as independent dental practitioners. Currently, because we provide the majority of our
treatment outwith the NHS, our Practices will not be materially supported by the financial support package
offered by the CDO to NHS dental practitioners.

It is worth noting that for those private practitioners who have any NHS commitment, in the event of
bankruptcy they will not be allowed (under the current terms of the GDS) to provide NHS care.
Most of us have earned more than an average of £50K over the last 3 years and so do not qualify for the
Chancellor’s Self-employment Income Support Scheme. A number of us are company directors and would
not qualify for this scheme regardless.

As a result of the above, we in private practice are trying to keep paying wages from any reserves we have
until the Job Retention Scheme grant money starts to filter through. Aside trying to cover all the same
practice overheads as our colleagues in NHS practice, we also need to try to cover our personal expenses.

No-one knows when we are going to be allowed back to normal working. Aerosol generating procedures
are an integral part of contemporary dentistry, and the Covid-19 virus is not going to disappear from our
communities overnight.”

Read Bruce Hogan and John P. Sadler’s Coronavirus letter to the Scottish Government in full, here.

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