Teeth Whitening at Vermilion

On this National Teeth Whitening Day

Teeth whitening is something that we have all heard about, but do you actually know what is involved and what the best approach is?

Your dentist must prescribe teeth whitening

Please be aware of online options or alternatives that state no prescription is required. Teeth whitening is a prescribed treatment, you must have a prescription from a dentist to qualify which can be issued at a dental appointment.

Enhancing the effectiveness of teeth whitening

Having received your prescription, it is strongly recommended that you attend a dental hygiene appointment at Vermilion or with your dental hygienist before receiving teeth whitening treatment. This ensures that your gums are in the best possible health and that all plaque and tartar is removed.

Not only will this leave your mouth feeling revitalised, it will enhance the effectiveness of the teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening with Vermilion

We have three inhouse dental hygienists who can administer teeth whitening treatment. Our appointments are two hours long: we will discuss the teeth whitening procedure with you, take impressions for custom made whitening trays (if required) and take pre-treatment photographs before commencing with the treatment.

Split into four 15-minute slots, your teeth whitening treatment involves the use of a special light which is applied to your teeth. During this time, we will provide you with a pillow and offer a great selection of music to relax to, you are also welcome to bring along a blanket should you wish to. You’ll be amazed with how relaxing the treatment is and don’t be surprised if you actually fall asleep during it!

Take-home whitening trays

Once your treatment is completed in-clinic, you will be presented with your own whitening trays to take home with you. Part of the overall cost, these will allow you to top up at home.

Our patients tell us that after they have their teeth whitened, they feel that their confidence has been boosted and that they want to show off their smile. We’re proud to offer professional and comprehensive teeth whitening service at Vermilion, and do accept self-referrals.

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