My Tooth Whitening Experience at Vermilion

After I completed my whitening treatment I was asked by Vermilion if I would like to write about my treatment experience at the Clinic. I thought it was a great idea because, before embarking on this journey, I didn’t know what to expect. I hope that by sharing my experience, I can help others to understand the whole process of having your teeth whitened at Vermilion, from beginning to end.

I always wanted brighter teeth, a brighter smile, but I didn’t want my teeth to become more sensitive, so I decided to have teeth whitening done by a professional to prevent this. I got in touch with Vermilion after my friend recommended them. They had had treatment done there and were very impressed with the results. I had also read their Google Reviews and comments from patients on their website, which further encouraged me to make that initial contact. The process of getting an appointment was very simple, I received a phone call and was given one within two weeks which was very efficient. During this phone call with Nicola, the Referral Coordinator, I was advised that before seeing Caroline, the Dental Hygienist, I would require a 15-minute appointment with Dentist, Martin to make sure that I was fit for whitening treatment. Thankfully all went well and I was approved for whitening treatment.

On the day of my appointment, I was welcomed  by the lovely reception team who asked me to sit in the waiting room. I had never had professional teeth whitening before and wasn’t sure what to expect, so I was quite nervous. I was put at ease instantly when Caroline called me through to the surgery and explained the entire process to me thoroughly. I was also given an A4 sheet to read the terms and conditions and a consent form to sign.

Before starting my treatment, Caroline explained each part of the process which was very reassuring: I would first have my teeth cleaned before the whitening process started, which would take place in four, fifteen-minute time slots. Throughout the 15 minute slots, I listened to an audio book with headphones which made the time pass quickly. The whitening treatment was painless and comfortable. I got to see before and after pictures which were taken by the dental nurse. This was great as it meant I could see the difference clear as day. I was also so shocked by the immediate results!

During the same appointment, a mould of my teeth was taken and I was given my whitening tray at the end of my appointment. I was given whitening gel to place in the retainer for the next three days to ensure my teeth stayed as bright as possible. I still have some whitening gel left over which is handy so I can use this before big events.

Whilst my teeth were not bad prior to treatment, I did feel that some teeth were more yellow than others. My bottom teeth are quite squint and harder to brush, so I found that they did not look the same shade as my top teeth. After my treatment, I felt more confident smiling and I felt that my smile was brighter and whiter. I experienced slight sensitivity  after treatment however I was told in advance that this may be the case and I was not worried. The sensitivity went away within 24 hours and has been fine since! I am glad that I chose to get whitening done by dental professionals because I felt confident and relaxed throughout the treatment process. It was definitely a good investment in my smile.

I would recommend Vermilion to anyone thinking about having whitening treatment, especially if you want to see results right away. My whole experience with Vermilion from the start right through to the end has been great. I found Caroline and her dental nurse to be very professional, knowledgeable and friendly which made me feel at ease. I am continuing to visit Caroline for regular dental hygiene appointments to ensure my teeth are as healthy as possible.

– Whitening Patient, Amber

Whitening Treatment Results

                                                                                        After whitening

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